Avenging clouds follow a brief rain

Sunshine returned in the north sky after a brief light rain, while to the south, clouds darkened as they surrounded the sun.


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Mighty Mouser Halvor

I looked up the hill and there was Halvor, sitting bolt upright, with what appeared to be a bushy black mustache across his mouth. I called him down, and he readily came to show me–and Effie–his catch. It was fairly large for a mouse, deep grey, with pink nose and ears. It was also either dying or already in throes. Halvor was proud of his catch, and I can’t say that I welcome mice near the house, and I was pleased with Halvor for removing a mouse from our field that might have decided to come closer to our house, or the vineyard or berries in Effieland.

Halvor carries his catch toward the shop where he eats, sleeps, and watches my husband work on various projects. Halvor will need to consume his feast outside.


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Effie, Guardian of Gloves

Effie is very proprietorial about her Daddy’s things, his outdoor work gloves, for instance. Sitting on them seems to her to be the most secure mode of protection.


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It rained all day. . .

Rain fell all day long, and long the day seemed. It’s looking like it’s going to be green. . . .


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Effie Laplander

Effie finds my husband’s lap a better landing place, but right now, I’m home and he isn’t, and it’s raining, and Effie wants a lap and I am elated to oblige her.


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Effie venting

After spending her morning napping in my office chair, Effie emerged and moved her venue to the hallway heat vent, favoring the metal vent over her cotton rug. The weather outdoors is 45° and cloudy, with a believable forecast of rain.


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Post-super moon

I was able to photograph the pre-super moon Monday (two posts down). Tuesday, true to my prediction, clouds obscured the super moon and the entire sky completely; and tonight, Wednesday, my husband took this photo of the post-super moon.  The moon is red from passing sunlight in the atmosphere as it rose.


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