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Elections in Washington State

There is no information provided about the candidates!

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Paladin needs his water!

Paladin will not suffer water from bowls until later in the day. He likes his morning water from the kitchen sink’s faucet.


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We have snow here. . .but it’s manageable

My husband is the snow manager. . .

. . .coming and going.


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Paladin is not drinking coffee!

Paladin is drinking cold water from a well rinsed percolator. He is very adept at these things.


February 9, 2019 · 10:39 am

Effie Just in Case

Effie’s Dad is a lawyer, so she naturally thought she should have a brief case of her own. She had no way to express  this, other than to express the fairness of her desire, so she climbed into my husband’s file-filled brief case to make her point, which we found most endearing.


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Newly Rediscovered

I have never called or considered myself an artist. For a while I had an Apple laptop with graphic capabilities, and I did some sketching with it. My husband surreptitiously kept them on his computer when we dumped the rotten Apple for a competent Microsoft computer. We forgot about them for a while (I created these graphics in 2006) and he came across them last night. I decided they had nostalgic if not artistic value to me, and decided also to post them on my blog, trusting in my readers’ kindness.


Woman with Cat

Red Cap






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A rare imprint

This iron spigot serves a front lawn in America; it’s roughly 20 years old. I remember when most things for our homes, our attire, and our cats’ food were made in the USA as a matter of course. I sometimes wonder whether we really get along so much better with the rest of the world, now that we make fewer basic things for ourselves. Just a thought; I don’t care to politicize it.

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where “once in a blue moon” comes from

This blue moon brightened our sky last night. A blue moon is the second full moon within one month; the last blue moon occurred September 30, 2012. The next blue moon will occur January 31, 2018.


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G’night, sky


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July 11, 2015 · 8:54 pm

Epical Pi Day forthcoming

For those of us who regularly dwell in algebraic hibernation, my husband noted this morning that this coming Pi Day, which I just discovered has been celebrated every March 14 since 2009 by Congressional proclamation, will have the mind-dazzling highlight of two additional decimal places: 3.1415.

This is certainly a most fortuitous year. At once every 100 years, Pi Day occurs less frequently than appearances of Halley’s comet.

We plan a quiet celebration at home.



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