Newly Rediscovered

I have never called or considered myself an artist. For a while I had an Apple laptop with graphic capabilities, and I did some sketching with it. My husband surreptitiously kept them on his computer when we dumped the rotten Apple for a competent Microsoft computer. We forgot about them for a while (I created these graphics in 2006) and he came across them last night. I decided they had nostalgic if not artistic value to me, and decided also to post them on my blog, trusting in my readers’ kindness.


Woman with Cat

Red Cap






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4 responses to “Newly Rediscovered

  1. Heidi

    I especially love the red cap! These are charming.


  2. Watch your mouth woman! Bad-mouthing Apples!(all my tech-toys are Apple)but I like them……what will you do next? Can you do more on your Windows anchor?(sorry, having a dig……)Cheers,H


    • Helen, you need to remember two things: (1) My Apple was several generations before yours, and my experience with their first notebook computer required numerous factory returns before its burial. (2) This is my blog.


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