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First sunflower of the season

It’s a little spooky photographing a sunflower, because bees are fans too. I managed this portrait and a couple of others. The bees hummed, but I was not stung.



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Is Paladin a wildcat?

I heard of the Scottish wildcat and saw a photo of one that looked a lot like Paladin, at least in a reasonably familiar way. Unfortunately, he is not the perfect type. Any white in the fur of a Scottish wildcat is considered a defect. Paladin of course has white paws and tummy, so his resemblance or blood alliance is defective. Who cares? The cylindrical tail with black pointed tip is identical to the wildcat. Paladin has a gravelly voice more like a growling wildcat than like a house cat. His voice notwithstanding, Paladin is a sweet house cat, though he and Effie can get into brief, yowly, claws-out tiffs, but they never hurt each other.

Click the link below to see photos of Scottish wildcats.


Is Paladin a Scottish wildcat? Nah. He’s an American kitty. But he looks like he’s somewhere in the line.


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Paladin’s window in the sun

Paladin sits on a window sill, looking out toward farms, subdivisions, and basalt hills. We see them very clearly, but the glass collaborates with the bright sunlight to virtually erase what we see.  The sunlight and window also conspire to cause Paladin to appear green. For the record, the room is green, Paladin’s eyes are green, and his fur is not green.


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Effie and Paladin: Not all cats sleep alike

Effie’s style is to curl up in a snail-like curve.

Paladin prefers to sleep with paws down, ready for action.


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Back to the pond

Ha! I caught my limit–five trout, 9-1/2″ to 11-1/2″. My husband and I headed for the pond just after 6 PM and stayed 2-1/2 hours fishing. As evening pressed on, the fish were jumping and biting and skipping toward the shore. I just love fish who want to come home with us. If it weren’t for the State’s legal limit, I’d have wanted to fish longer. I was hooked; what can I say?

Vic took these pictures. He would have been fishing but his reel broke.

The first bite to hang on. . .


Closer. . .


And closer. . .


The trout has landed!


And it’s time to go home, Number 5.


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Effie was napping on the bed, and woke to a stimulation of her instinct. A flock of starlings was in a tree outside the window.


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It rained all day. . .

Rain fell all day long, and long the day seemed. It’s looking like it’s going to be green. . . .


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Like all creation, snow falls

Snow is falling harder than it was earlier in the day. I can see individual large flakes from at least 50 yards. I wish more beautiful things were as quiet. Are you listening, Effie? Effie is rather a vocal cat, but overall she is good. . . .


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Effie: Window Gazer and Floor Bath Champion of the World

I want to be out there; I have a morning to greet!

Sunbeams from an adjacent window illuminate Effie’s tummy and toes.


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Meeting new people

Who’s Effie looking at?

But of course! New friends every day!



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