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Happy Effie’s Dad’s day!

Effie and her Dad, my dynamic duo, in front of a grape vine in Effieland


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Bit of a storm at 4 o’clock in the afternoon

A lilac and poplar trees keep time to a 19.7 mph wind. I’m out of my element–or at least my comfort zone–at that wind velocity, so I took this photo through a window. Effie sleeps through these things enviably. I wish you could hear the thunder; we had a few sprigs of lightning as well.


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Effie pose

p1020382 I sit and wait here by the sink

p1020384 For someone to come and turn on my drink. . .

p1020383 A peculiar ritual at best, I think.


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Somewhere under the rainbow


Sky and landscape join as one; colors arc, one festal bowl to meet another. . .

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A hard lesson for Effie


She thought the elusive white moth to be within her grasp!

But sometimes, low-flying prey just flies away. . . .


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Through the grapevine and in the alfalfa

P1010881Through the grapevine

 P1010883Effie becomes transfixed with alfalfa–it’s so delicious!

 P1010884Alfalfa is conducive to reflection. . .


to deliberation. . .


to meditation. . .

P1010890and, it smells wonderful, too!

 P1010897sEven so. . .

P1010899Everything is always greener on the other side of the fence!


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A garden is coexistence

P1010859Perhaps God originally placed man in a garden to give him a clue about coexistence. It suddenly occurred to me in my garden outing with Effie this morning, that cats, diverse sorts of plants, and various sorts of birds and bugs apprehend the metaphor quite well, if not perhaps better than many bipeds with complex brains.

P1010836Whether a weed or a wildflower, this flower coexists with planted fruits, flowers, and bugs. It seems noncompetitive and harmless, and we let it live because it’s pretty and we like it.

P1010842Flax and vetch present a beautiful array of coexistence in blue.


Effie appreciates the shade and jungle cover the flax and vetch offer.

P1010851Effie coexists in quiet harmony with the poppies now budding.

P1010853My husband laid ground cover in some weedy areas, and Effie discovered its utility as a bug  gathering area!

P1010854In the garden, Effie seems to take seriously the awesomeness of the diversity around her.

P1010861Watching, listening, and peaceful. . .and she did not mind a bit, a beetle traversing her tail. Perhaps she simply accepted that it had a mission of its own. But in all honesty, she has never demonstrated an appetite for clown beetles anyway.


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