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A Tale of Two Tails

Effie and Paladin  stay connected in various ways, including tail formations. Both had just awakened from naps in separate chairs.



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Dry chat: “Do you hang out here often?”

Effie and Paladin appear to be sharing secrets on the comfortable rug atop the dryer. Or maybe they’re planning their day in Effieland.


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Effie and Paladin: Breakfast amity

Effie (right) and Paladin (left) suddenly decided to have breakfast together at her usual place. They have always before eaten in separate rooms, she in the dining room and he in my study. Today they shared their breakfast at her place. They each have two bowls of food in their respective areas, one of kibbles and one of tinned food, as well as a bowl of water. On this occasion, she ate the tinned meat and he munched the kibbles.It appears to be a new breakthrough in domestic closeness that I find heartening.


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Paladin Tours Effieland with Effie

Today is Paladin’s first day outdoors since his neutering surgery, and his first time ever in Effieland. Effie is taking him on a tour of her dominion to celebrate.


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Effie napping next to my chair while I email my friend

Effie is probably soaking up my thoughts as she reads my mind in her sleep; or, more likely, she’s bored and wants to try my computer as a napping place (I’m using my phone to email a friend). She does have an engaging way of sleeping.


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Effie and Halvor: Can they go on meeting like this?

p1020430All we need to cinch the drama is a balcony!

At least Romeo and Juliet were not obliged to contend with a screen.


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Effie’s first Christmas garment




My and Effie’s very dear friend Jane made a marvelous little kerchief/cape for Effie. Even the envelope delighted us, addressed to “Miss Effie” in my care.   Effie now has a special Christmas garment, and she looks like Cat Supergirl. Thanks from our hearts, Jane!



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Effie and Hormisdas: Are They Courting?

I sensed Effie’s need for a friend, and approached Heidi with the idea that perhaps her Hormisdas and Effie could be friends. The time-space issues would probably mean little to them. Heidi and I live 1,843.2 miles apart. We have sustained an abiding bond for 10 years. We have never met in person, and neither of us has the gumption to travel.

Effie is very lively, while Hormisdas is actually quite stuffy. He lives with an equally stuffy snow leopard named R. Aloysius. Heidi and I believe that kinetic Effie and stuffy Hormisdas–and perhaps R. Aloysius as well–might develop long-distance amity toward one another. Heidi and I and our husbands have all been very good friends for a decade. Of course we would be thrilled if “the kids” reached across space as well.

P1010957Effie is an explorer of everything in her world.


IMG_20160203_114736Hormisdas surveys his world from the vantage of his majestic living room.

P1010958Effie likes jungle environments.

IMG_20160526_102749_956 (3) RAlyHormisdas likes beds. Here he helps R. Aloysius find his lost tie tack.


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