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Effie napping next to my chair while I email my friend

Effie is probably soaking up my thoughts as she reads my mind in her sleep; or, more likely, she’s bored and wants to try my computer as a napping place (I’m using my phone to email a friend). She does have an engaging way of sleeping.


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Effie on a Brown Towel

When I sent this to my husband, he referred to it as an “art photo.” Emboldened by his kind words, I decided to post this portrait of “Effie on a Brown Towel.” It could also be titled, “Effie, Peaceably Napping.”


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Under the vine in 109°

P1020153Reflective from a nap,

P1020154Effie notes snack bugs in the grapevine providing her shade. It’s  another 109° day in Effieland. AND: Today marks the onset of Effie’s birthday week! (She’s shown no signs of the Terrible Twos.)


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