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Effie greets the welcome rain

The rain is beautiful, I suppose largely because it was so long awaited. Effie put up quite the Royal Fuss to enjoy its delightful wetness on her fur, and to show me the wonderful mud she will present when her toes step back indoors and onto the polished wood floors. (I honestly can’t remember right now what sort of wood they are, but they are fairly resilient.)

The fires are out, at least for now, and the grey sky bears rain instead of smoke. The soil is well soaked, and the autumn rain has taken up its annual needed and prayed-for roles, one of which is Effie’s happiness.

Effie rockets off into Effieland after some extensive pining.



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The red and the purple

My husband and I today harvested 30 pounds of grapes between us. We now have 80 pounds of grapes processed–44 pounds became juice and about 36 pounds are stemmed frozen grapes. Today’s efforts were my husband’s processing of 22 pounds of Swenson red grapes into juice, and I picked, stemmed, bagged, and froze eight pounds of Flame grapes. They are all so delicious, as well as beautiful colors.

My husband also harvested and canned ten pounds of yummy ripe French Prune d’Ente purple plums.

Flame grapes on the vine


French Prune d’Ente purple plums on the tree


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Smoke: The sequel

Smoke is no exception to the rule that the sequel is always worse. Probably because of the wind direction, the smoke from a new batch of forest fires surrounds us. The smell is the worst yet. The basalt hills are not yet completely screened out, but this time we are surrounded on all sides. It’s thick. Effie of course wants to be out in Effieland. I picked some catnip sprigs for her to eat indoors. She was momentarily compensated but now wishes to be let out again.

It’s going to be kind of a day here. . . .

Effie looks longingly through the window at her beloved Effieland  and I try to combine consolation with my chores. She caught and ate a tiny bug, which brought her transitory happiness.


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Good evening, Deer!

Two mule deer fawns felt no need to retreat when I raised my camera to photograph them through our dining room window.

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