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Sexers of chickens are not always right

Mistakes in sexing chicks happen. We wanted four hens. They were little chicks when we got them in March. They all looked alike. The second from the left has a large comb, but that isn’t always dispositive. He crows. His cocka-doodle-do goes off at 5:00 a.m. and off and on throughout the day. Worse, he’ll never lay eggs. But he’ll make good chicken stew.

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Chicken chase

I don’t wish to impugn Creation, but. . .chickens are stupid. Incredibly stupid. But I knew that when we got our first brood, back in 2006.

As I headed up the hill toward our chicken house with the hens’ daily apple core, I noticed that one of the hens was running around loose and squawking hysterically. It was the second chicken escape in two years.

The drama queen of our three evidently somehow dug her way under the coop, which rests on delicious fresh alfalfa. She was running around, circling the chicken trailer (aka “the coop” or “the ark”), apparently desperate to return to her chums, even though I held the door open for her. Thankfully, her mates made no attempt to join her frenzy.

I tried leading the scurrying hen by walking slowly ahead of her, but she panicked and bolted in the opposite direction, toward the end of the coop that had no door.

I tried chasing her, but I felt more stupid than I had reckoned she was, as she warily switched directions at panicked-bird speed.

Finally, I stood holding the door open and she ran in, batting her wings. I secured the door and hoped a Spring re-run was not forthcoming.

Our chickens are in an enclosure for good reasons. Errant dogs, coyotes, foxes, raccoons, and feral cats roam our field; and hawks, owls, and eagles hover and swoop down to seize prey. The hens’ enclosure has comfortable elevated roosts where they like to lay their eggs. We like the roosts too, because the eggs are accessible and fairly clean.

I collected the egg one of the girls had laid.  Walking back down the path to the house, I wondered whether the chicks housed in the small coop in my husband’s workshop will be as feisty as their two-year-old elders when they grow big enough to join them outdoors in the chicken ark. The sequel is just a few months off. . . .

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Graces of the pond

After catching no fish yesterday on our pleasant Snake River cruise, we fished at the pond after dinner this evening and brought home five respectable trout an hour and a half later. My three were 15-1/2″ (a new personal record), 11″, and 10″. Vic reeled in two, 11-1/2″ and 10″. They all are now in the freezer, ready for Vic’s pressure canner Saturday.



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The new girls on the hill

Our three Rhode Island Red hens are approaching four years old, and we don’t know when they will cease to lay eggs. Chicks are hatched, and we went to Primeland, the local farm store, and bought four Rhody chicks for $1 apiece. In about five months they’ll be laying beautiful large brown eggs. At an egg per hen most days, we’ll be well supplied–with eggs and chores.


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For fawning over

P1020179This little girl showed up all alone, apparently so we could fawn over her through our dining room window. . .

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Our herd and a bird

P1010835Eight deer showed up this morning to graze on the high grass and leaves on the trees.

P1010781Papa quail on vigil


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It’s OK, Effie–they’re friendlies


The deer were happy munching juniper, but  they were just a window away from Effie’s food!

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