Vic’s New Fishing Hat

Vic’s Mom sent him the wonderful fishing hat he’s wearing here, our first day out fishing since his birthday. I think it’s dashing. We caught no fish in either the Snake or Clearwater Rivers, but we always love being out fishing, regardless of whether we catch any fish.



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7 responses to “Vic’s New Fishing Hat

  1. Thank you, Ellen! 😽 You and the women and some men in our church said happy mother’s day to me, but my 45 year-old daughter in Alaska didn’t call or email or send a card. Ah, well. If you have kids I hope they’re more attentive toward you than mine!


  2. 15andmeowing

    Nice hat and a great shot of the 2 of you. Happy Mother’s Day! XO

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  3. Heidi

    (And I figured out how to comment on the blog again — yay! ! — I just won’t sign in or use any emails associated with my sign in, since my chromebook can’t seem to manage that. πŸ™‚


  4. Heidi

    What a beautiful picture of you two dear people.

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  5. Close up please? Cheers,H


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