My Noteworthy Bio

My name is Lauren Bottomly; I’m married to Vic, a lawyer and Renaissance man with a high-tech aptitude. Euphemia, called Effie, is our delightful Cat in Residence. In other words, she owns us and lets us live here. We live in a small western town in Eastern Washington. I can say with fair certainty that I am the only denizen of the Lewis-Clark Valley, and probably the only Reformed Baptist from anywhere, who has performed as a suonatore di tamburello femminile (girl-type tambourine player), as part of a folk trio in Selinunte, Sicily. For those 20 jubilant minutes of my life, I knew I had come into my true calling.

new tambourinist

Okay, I’m also a retired lawyer and I have a Master of Public Health degree. Oh big deal.

I’m not on MyFace or Twitter or any social networking site. I maintain my blog as a refuge for the literate. I enjoy people who read more than they talk, and I welcome you to Eel Creek Chronicles.



3 responses to “My Noteworthy Bio

  1. People who read more than they talk! That’s exactly what I look for in people 🙂
    A salute to the Cat-in-Residence! 🙂

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