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Avenging clouds follow a brief rain

Sunshine returned in the north sky after a brief light rain, while to the south, clouds darkened as they surrounded the sun.


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Post-super moon

I was able to photograph the pre-super moon Monday (two posts down). Tuesday, true to my prediction, clouds obscured the super moon and the entire sky completely; and tonight, Wednesday, my husband took this photo of the post-super moon.  The moon is red from passing sunlight in the atmosphere as it rose.


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Pre-Super Moon

The actual Super-moon is supposed to show tomorrow, but I thought the prequel was pretty close to the genuine article; and anyway, it could always be cloudy tomorrow.

The tree branch seems to reach out, as if to suggest alliance between Earth and its moon.


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River Sun

We went fishing this afternoon, and the sun was low by 2 PM. The flying saucer-like object in the center of my photo is likely some sort of lens artifact.

I think my husband’s photo invokes the essence of the day’s crispness and contrast exquisitely.

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