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I’m dreaming of a grey Christmas. . .

I’m dreaming of a grey Christmas. . .

A grey and cloudy vista can be morale boosting or demoralizing. Personally I have no real preference. I like clouds. I can’t imagine a bright sunny Christmas day in the northwestern prairie where I live.


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Avenging clouds follow a brief rain

Sunshine returned in the north sky after a brief light rain, while to the south, clouds darkened as they surrounded the sun.

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Cloud Scallopini

 . . .garnished with sunshine and sky


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After the Rain: The Movie

My husband Vic and I both were moved by the vibrancy of the clouds transiting Hells Canyon’s basalt hills after the rain. He set his video cam on a window sill and timed 30-second intervals for a little more than half an hour. I thought it was striking.


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Effie’s own recipe for oral hygiene

P1010499While the sun nested in cloud scallopini. . .

P1010496Effie performed her conscientiously applied program of oral hygiene, in hope of eluding regular dental care. Her teeth are beautiful, her breath is sweet; grasses and thistles agree with her palate, and seem to be Nature’s Kitty Crest.

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of snow and dust and randomness

The snow failed to secure its turf. The rain rinsed the lead-green hills and the buckskin grasses. Winter in the steppes banana belt is an intermittent thing.

I’ve caught its intermittency. I was dusting but my med alarm went off, and I gulped my two white things and one orange thing, which were in my purse, which was next to my lap-friendly computer, so I checked my email, and there was a bill, so I paid all the bills, and then wrote Heidi back to tell her I liked a poem she composed so well that I’d like to have coffee with it. But first I’ll finish at least the dusting, just to regain a sense of linear sequence to the day.

But just now, which is now just then, a long, white, thin-and-puffy cloud mass is advancing across the hills. I think it is coagulated mist from the river. So I snapped a picture of it through the window; otherwise I would have had the distractions of going outside, possibly locking myself out, as I have done before, etc. The picture I took showed the cloud as a narrow tube, but I forgot to save that one, so I took another a few minutes later, when the cloud was puffier and more ready to ally its awesome vaporous force with a formidable cloud front. I liked the other picture better, but it is tucked away in my great empty file of belayed aspirations. One of which is not going to be the dusting. . .

But dust is very good at waiting.



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big with mercy

Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take,
The clouds ye so much dread
Are big with mercy, and shall break
In blessings on your head.
(– William Cowper)


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