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Effie and blackberries

I took this photo last summer, of Effie slavering over the unripe blackberries she had been checking out. This year she has shown no interest in them at all, even when they were ripe. I think she does really cute things with her tongue.

Her cute look elevated my morale after reading the NOAA wildfire reports and predictions. It was a tad demoralizing to learn that I am not cut out for life on earth, but hey, I’ve had a fair number of decades to prove I am blessed with some kind of knack for survival–aka God’s preserving grace.

I have a wonderful husband, a compatible cat, a pleasant home, and a well-matched church. Smoke happens. I’ve been outdoors only briefly, to run up the hill to get any eggs our hens have laid, and down the hill to pick up our mail. I feel a little cooped up, staying in the house so much, and very ready to get back to fishing in the Snake River again. The fires have kept us from fishing for three whole weeks.

Like most nuisances, smoke doesn’t stay forever.


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Effie’s refuge–Where’s the shade? In the grapevines of Effieland

Once again, it is 110° F in Effieland, and Effie is there. I call her and call her, but she is hiding very effectually. Finally, she  gives me a mew cue. I still cannot see her. I call to her again. Her mew is closer–under a dense grape vine, inches from where I stand. She is fine; the vine provides plenty of shade. She still will not come in. The grape vine provides shade and a fun place to hide out from her worried Mum.

We would probably all like to hide under a grape vine once in a while; Effie can actually accomplish it.



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It’s Effie’s birthday!

Effie was napping on her perch yesterday while I sat on the bed next to her, finishing Victor Hugo’s prodigious account of the French Revolution. I put Effie’s pretty kerchief her Aunt Jane made her for Christmas on her for a birthday photo. Such a pretty kerchief should be worn for many celebrations–especially her birthday, which is today. She is three!


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As blueberries ripen

As our blueberries begin to ripen. . .

Effie evidently prefers the shade of grapevines. I honestly can’t blame her; Effieland is 106° F right now.


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Hanging out together

Effie naps while I read; I’m happy she actually prefers to share the bed. Perhaps she realizes we can’t share her window perch. . . .I can’t know what she dreams much better than she can read Victor Hugo’s novel, The History of a Crime: The Testimony of an Eye Witness.  I suspect the French Revolution is an unlikely candidate for her cup of tea anyway.


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Effie’s new perch

“Can’t a girl get a peaceful nap on her own new window perch, without being on The Effie Show?”

We finally decided to replace Effie’s sagging, shredding hammock inherited from Coolidge, and purchased in 2003. We mail-ordered this brand new window perch for our tabby princess. It has a firm base and a comfy foam pad with a removable fleece cover. I like sitting and reading on the bed next to her. She enjoys looking out the window, watching birds,  and napping.


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Things to Do When it’s 115° outside

1. Bring your cat or dog in! Now!

2. Tell your friend in San Diego that her 90s weather is the crisper, compared to your Eastern Washington prairie’s seething 115°.

3. Brave the mere heat and take an evidential photo of what you told your friend in San Diego.


4. If relevant to your circumstances, watch your cat napping and take a moment to be very thankful for central air conditioning.


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