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Halvor at the Wheel

Halvor, Effie’s foster bro, likes sometimes to man my husband’s tractor while hanging out in the shop.



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Please, Nobel Committee, consider this

It always seems to me that there is a Nobel Prize for everything, but millions of women, including myself, rue the absence of a useful, nifty, lightweight, silent dusting tool.

Rags require us to be in close proximity to the dust, and feathers and mop-like twisted rag fragments simply scatter the dust, most of it into the face of the individual using it.

I have been frustrated for some time  that no competent lightweight manual dusting device has entered the marketplace. I think a Nobel Prize for such a practical tool would be a strong incentive for development of such an admittedly mundane, prosaic object, and it would be an invention the time of which has arrived.

My own improvisation. A pony-tail elastic binds a duster (I don’t recall to what it was formerly bound) to an adjustable pole handle from something else, I have no recollection what. Trust me, it’s inefficient and frustrating, and places me at no risk of having to fly to Sweden to accept a Nobel Prize.


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It’s my catnip and I will defend it!

20171016_110321Effie is an only Cat, and she is very sweet, but she will not readily share her toys or her food, or especially her catnip growing in a large plastic flower pot (visible in her front paws) in Effieland!


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“Through a glass darkly”

 Effie likes a dark room with a sunny window.


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Effie’s warm spot

Even  set to low heat, the top of the dryer is a cozy spot for thin-furred Effie. The temperature outdoors was 37° when she came in from a morning romp around Effieland, and earlier it had hit 32°.



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Delicious Flame (Grapes)

I had  finished my chores and eaten lunch, and decided to go outside to Effieland and pick some more Flame grapes while proprietress Effie napped inside.

I picked a pound and five ounces in a couple of minutes, and it took another 10 minutes or so to rinse and stem the grapes. Effie slept through the whole project, completely incurious.

Flames are now my favorite variety of grape. They are sweet with zing, and festively colorful.

Earwigs tend to like grapes as well. Earwigs are also my least favorite bug. With fair consistency, one will emerge from the grapes while I am rinsing them and race creepily along my hand. One did this as I rinsed the grapes I picked today. I flicked the slithery creature into the drain and provided  a hot-water escort to hasten its journey.

Flame grapes


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Effie on a Brown Towel

When I sent this to my husband, he referred to it as an “art photo.” Emboldened by his kind words, I decided to post this portrait of “Effie on a Brown Towel.” It could also be titled, “Effie, Peaceably Napping.”


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