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Effie Just in Case

Effie’s Dad is a lawyer, so she naturally thought she should have a brief case of her own. She had no way to express  this, other than to express the fairness of her desire, so she climbed into my husband’s file-filled brief case to make her point, which we found most endearing.



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Effie, this is a bathroom sink in America. . .

I did not put Effie in the sink for a bath; I have not put her in this sink or any sink, for any or no reason, ever. Perhaps she suddenly realized that she had not yet claimed this sink as one of her proprietary lookouts.

“Mmmm. . .a new spot to nap in. . .”

“I had so hoped my reverie would be respected–but I was mistaken.”

“Okay, it’s your call. What’s the game plan for today?”


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