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Cats, snow, rain, and forthcoming lilacs

Lilac buds are always a welcome sight before Spring settles in with any confidence.

First large, wet, fluffy snowflakes fell to the ground and instantly melted. Rain followed without a pause. Effie was unimpressed and came back in the house right after I conceded to her vocal affirmations that she wanted to go out into Effieland. A few minutes later, I went out to pick up the cat food dish we put out early in the morning for our feral stray I named Paladin. He had finished his kibbles and was out roaming. Effie was behind her gate, yowling to let me know she wanted to come back inside. I let her in of course, and she is napping in fair luxury.

Paladin has been coming to our place for more than a month. He is a sweet cat with a grateful heart. He permits us to pet him while he is eating. Sometimes he shows up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Other times he comes just for one or two mealtimes. Effie seems indifferent to him. Halvor, our shop cat we took in when he showed up freezing and hungry, despised Paladin at first, and even flipped him over, but now realizes Paladin is not a contender for shop territory. Torvald, Halvor’s possible brother, hangs out with Paladin, and was sweet enough to bring him to our place.

Halvor is a mighty hunter. He also loves watching my husband work in his shop, which became Halvor’s home.

Torvald is a friend to all.

Paladin is our friendly feral kitty. We plan to have him neutered, wormed if necessary, and vaccinated so that he might come indoors.

Effie, napping in fair luxury



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Effie’s turtle malaise

Effie’s turtle has a Velcro pocket for stuffing catnip. Effie adores catnip. Effie had her turtle out of her toy basket. I stuffed its pocket with ground catnip. She played ecstatically with the catnip-stuffed turtle for a few minutes. She was so quick that my shutter speed could not keep up. She soon became bored with the turtle, and I managed a shot of her adorable ennui.


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Effie, watcher of starlings

Flocks of starlings flew by, and Effie’s gaze was transfixed. She simply watched them the whole time, without licking her lips or making any guttural sounds, or shifting to a pounce position. The distance between the window from which she is observing the flock to the trees where the starlings have perched is approximately 100 feet.


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Effie on the best laid plans

                     You have big plans, Effie, and you have the best laid plans, too.


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Thou shalt not covet my chair. . .

                                                           Because it is mine!

Effie, of course, is never covetous or proprietorial.


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Effie: Girl Vigilante

Perched on her window perch, Effie fine tunes her grooming before making her appearance in Effieland for vigilante duty.

She has secured the air conditioning compressor, and takes up her vigilante detail.


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Effie reviews plans for the fuselage of Vic’s plane

As some of our friends know, my husband Vic is building an airplane. Vic is using public domain Piper plans for a PA-14, a four-seat bush plane, but our plane will have two seats. Effie, always faithfully curious of why we are occupying her floor space, looks on with supervisorial interest.


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