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Effie and Paladin and their toys

Effie loves her catnip-stuffed turtle.

Paladin adores the crocheted rainbow ball Ellen Pilch of the popular blog 15andmeowing.com made for him.



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Paladin and Yucky Ducky

I threw an old catnip-stuffed toy named Yucky Ducky to Paladin, and he quickly grabbed and claimed the toy. YD is an inheritance from Effie’s predecessor Coolidge. We are encouraged with Paladin’s growing interest in toys as a sign of waning ferality and increasing domesticity.


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Paladin ponders a toy

One of the sad liabilities of feral life is a cat who has never had a toy. Paladin’s age is estimated by the vet who neutered him to be four years old. That’s a long time to grow up toyless, so Vic took a scrap of fabric (under Paladin’s left paw) and tied it with some 20 lb. test monofilament line to a yardstick. We can drag it along the floor and Paladin will pounce on it; or, we can suspend it overhead and he can bat it around. We will get him more toys as he warms to the concept.

Cats need to play with toys to engage with their people and their physical environment. As they become interested, new toys can be introduced, and not only will their coordination and skills sharpen, but their connection with their people will deepen as they play with favorite toys together.


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