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Paladin on perch

We bought and installed this window perch for Effie before Paladin came into our lives and home. Whether Effie is kind enough to permit Paladin perch time, or whether he simply appropriated the perch, we can’t know. All I know is that he looks as adorable and as comfortable on the perch as Effie does. They typically share things quite well.

You may view Effie on the perch here.


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Effie’s new perch

“Can’t a girl get a peaceful nap on her own new window perch, without being on The Effie Show?”

We finally decided to replace Effie’s sagging, shredding hammock inherited from Coolidge, and purchased in 2003. We mail-ordered this brand new window perch for our tabby princess. It has a firm base and a comfy foam pad with a removable fleece cover. I like sitting and reading on the bed next to her. She enjoys looking out the window, watching birds, Β and napping.


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