Effie and Paladin and 102° in Effieland

        It’s 102°– hot, but Effie and Paladin find shade everywhere.

        Our sun-dappled Effie burrows under a poplar.

        Our clever Paladin discovers he can combine some shade with a lookout.


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3 responses to “Effie and Paladin and 102° in Effieland

  1. Such happy cats. Makes me very happy. Cheers,H


  2. 15andmeowing

    And I thought it was bad when it hit 95 here. Keep cool cuties!

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    • Effieland has lots of shade, but the thermometer is exposed to direct sunlight. 95° can be plenty hot, depending on how much shade you have. I don’t know that I’d feel the difference between 102° and 95°. I just know that I’m not constructed for climates like Death Valley and Libya!


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