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Two cats and a tiny snake

A very small baby Gopher snake (center, looks like a brown cord between Effie’s and Paladin’s paws) fended its way through Effieland yesterday. Effie, a veteran of carrying a full grown Garter snake around in her mouth, and Paladin, treating the Gopher snake as a living toy, took turns carrying the snake in their mouths and playing harmlessly with it on the ground.  Eventually they freed the tiny reptile, which slithered its way to the fence. Paladin laid on top of the snake. Somehow the snake made it out of Effieland.



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I only screamed the first time…

I enjoy wildlife, to a point. But I don’t do well nearly stepping over a Gopher snake in my driveway. I screamed when I first saw him and went back inside. My husband got a shovel, and I pleaded for the creature’s life, thinking he would eat mice and moles. I went back out to take his picture, and he remained courteously immobile. But if he hangs around much longer, I may switch my alliance to the mice and moles. I DO NOT LIKE SNAKES….


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