Effie: Girl Vigilante

Perched on her window perch, Effie fine tunes her grooming before making her appearance in Effieland for vigilante duty.

She has secured the air conditioning compressor, and takes up her vigilante detail.


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9 responses to “Effie: Girl Vigilante

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  2. Thank you, LeeAnn! I’m afraid it’s more because Effie is so much more photogenic than I am a great photographer!



  3. Such great photos all of the time of Effie!

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  4. I think a cat could reduce winter, or any other sort of stress. I believe that cats become necessary when we lose one we loved and miss.

    May the Lord bless your quest for TRC (The Right Cat). ^-.-^ ❤


  5. Heaven! I so need a new fur-baby before winter! That or a winter boyfriend. Fur-baby. Less stress right? Cheers,H

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  6. 15andmeowing

    You look great Effie.

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