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Where cats go in the rain

Rain is falling, hard.

Effie has a way of napping in her chair, through rain and almost everything else.

Paladin seeks cover under the bed.



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100┬░ in Effieland

Effielanders Effie and Paladin refuse to leave their grounds and come into the house when it’s a mere hundred degrees outside and their water drippers are providing only very warm water. Paladin naps, and Effie walks around drinking warm water. They seem not to mind in the least.

Effie finds a bit of shade in some grass, intermittently drinking warm water without flinching.

Paladin rests in a small patch of grassy shade by a pot of fresh growing catnip. He’s not punch-drunk; the sun’s in his eyes.


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Effie the Hat Girl

Effie often naps on hats we keep on a cupboard shelf above the washer and dryer. Sometimes she also plays dress-up and gets underneath my Watership sun hat.


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New toys for Effie and Paladin

My blogging friend Ellen┬ávery kindly sent me five adorable crocheted toys she made for Effie and Paladin, who immediately took to playing with them. I was afraid Paladin’s strong rear claws would shred them, but the tough cotton yarn showed nary a snag after his ferocious workout. They were so much fun to watch! I was impressed by the enthusiasm both my cats showed with these toys, and with the durability of the toys.

Effie claws ferociously at a rainbow ball.

Paladin takes on a drumstick. He gets a little intense, but the toy survives intact!

And here are the five toys Ellen sent.


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Effie and Paladin: Not all cats sleep alike

Effie’s style is to curl up in a snail-like curve.

Paladin prefers to sleep with paws down, ready for action.


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In the heat of Effieland

The Effieland thermometer faces the afternoon sun.

Paladin wisely took his nap in the shade of some tall grass.

Effie came into the air-conditioned house, instead.


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Effie and Paladin: Breakfast amity

Effie (right) and Paladin (left) suddenly decided to have breakfast together at her usual place. They have always before eaten in separate rooms, she in the dining room and he in my study. Today they shared their breakfast at her place. They each have two bowls of food in their respective areas, one of kibbles and one of tinned food, as well as a bowl of water. On this occasion, she ate the tinned meat and he munched the kibbles.It appears to be a new breakthrough in domestic closeness that I find heartening.


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