Effie Just in Case

Effie’s Dad is a lawyer, so she naturally thought she should have a brief case of her own. She had no way to express  this, other than to express the fairness of her desire, so she climbed into my husband’s file-filled brief case to make her point, which we found most endearing.


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13 responses to “Effie Just in Case

  1. Maybe she wants to go too? Or doesn’t want him to go at all? Cheers,H


  2. Hello Lauren and Effie! Nice to see you back! Even if Effie seems to be headed out somewhere.

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    • I’ve missed you Harini! I haven’t seen a post announcement from you in a while either. It’s oncoming winter here, which isn’t too stimulating. So far it’s just rain, but snow is bound to be falling soon. Effie, Paladin, and Halvor enjoy the weather. The clouds are massing and the cats will be running back in, except for Halvor, who prefers Vic’s workshop and running around at liberty outside. Only Effie and Paladin have Effieland for their outdoor runabout. Unfortunately, Halvor and Paladin do not get along. Both are neutered, but they still compete pretty aggressively. It’s weird, because they are both neutered and Effie is spayed. Halvor is neutered but he has never wanted to come in the house. Paladin never did in his feral days, but as soon as he was neutered he morphed into a competent domestic cat, and he loves being indoors as much as outdoors. He and Effie always sleep inside with us.

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      • We have had Punk for over a year now, and I still can’t get over how funny he is. Cats are a weird life form! Dogs are so much easier to understand. I think it’s the inscrutable expression of a cat vs the soul in the eyes of a dog. But I love them both, individually and together!

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        • The dogs in our neighborhood bark loudly and without ceasing, and I am sensitive to the noise. I would love dogs more if they were trained by their owners! I also see feral cats running around, reproducing in dozens, with irresponsible people never spaying or neutering them. I love the cats; it’s the people who don’t neuter and care for them that make me furious!

          Effie is probably the oblique sort of cat; Paladin on the other hand bares his soul, which is likely why he was so irresistible as a feral cat. Once he was neutered he was a happy indoor house cat and an equally enthusiastic Effieland cat.


        • Paladin really looks such a happy and contented cat! Your cats are so lucky to have you – you understand their different personalities and needs, and cater to them. As for neutering, it doesn’t seem to alter some behaviours. Our dog Lal Mohan never got over her sense of rivalry with Topshe, though both were spayed females. Please post a picture of Halvor too, I’d like to see him!


        • Halvor has some photos up, but I’ll take a new one. He’s the sage of the group.


  3. 15andmeowing

    That is so sweet.

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  4. She looks so cute there! The briefcase really suits her!

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