The chicks are growing up, Halvor turns to farming, and Effie remains the monarch of Effieland and the house

The little chicks are growing up, and in about four months they will become producers of eggs. Vic built them a larger hutch, and, thankfully, they no longer require heat lamps.

Halvor appears to have taken over the tractor, but I don’t think he has a key. . .

She who rules Effieland and its adjoining house


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Ten came home

My husband and I fished at the pond this sunny morning, each of us catching our legal limit of five rainbow trout in a little over an hour. The smallest was 9″ and the largest was 11-1/2″, and the others were 10″ to 10-3/4″. I reeled in several others that I failed to land securely. They bolted at the shore and swam off, probably smarter. My husband gave me some coaching about the timing of swinging them back, away from the water. Trout are very quick and agile, and I’m working on the landing scheme. After all, our astronauts had to work on their landing strategy, too.

My husband prepares our catch for canning.

Here’s the 15-1/2″ fellow I caught Thursday, who has since shrunk an inch from desiccation and freezing.

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If I were a tulip, I would want to be frilly

. . .without the bugs.


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Graces of the pond

After catching no fish yesterday on our pleasant Snake River cruise, we fished at the pond after dinner this evening and brought home five respectable trout an hour and a half later. My three were 15-1/2″ (a new personal record), 11″, and 10″. Vic reeled in two, 11-1/2″ and 10″. They all are now in the freezer, ready for Vic’s pressure canner Saturday.



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Our 21st anniversary cruise

My husband came home from work at 10:00 this morning –a very rare occurrence–so that we could celebrate our 21st anniversary cruising on Pisca-Dory and fishing in the Snake River.

The day was beautifully sunny and mild. Carp were jumping everywhere, but not biting anywhere. It was not quite warm enough for crappie or bass. Trout caught in ponds can be kept, but trout caught in the river cannot not be kept–they are catch-and-release until mid-June–but it didn’t matter; we never saw one. We saw only carp.

Spending the day on the river together on the boat my husband built was wonderful. I would much prefer being in our own boat by our own selves to any cruise, anywhere, ever. To us, the whole point of a boat is being connected to the water, the sense of being away from usual routines, fishing, and a primal sense that we are created to require earth, air, and water.

We enjoyed a spectacularly fruitful day, without catching a single fish.

Ready to launch

A coot glides around a lagoon

The river viewed from the lagoon


School of carp

A muskrat paddles around a lagoon

Vic took all the photos.


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Saturday’s six

We went to the pond Saturday after lunch, and the fish were jumping all over the water. At first they ignored us, but then my husband brought one in, and within about two hours we had each brought in three trout, all 10-inchers. The weather was mild and breezy. Once we were home, the canning kettle stayed busy preserving 21 trout, including the day’s new crew and all the trout in the freezer.

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The Pond’s Provision

After several days of rain or threats of rain, we had serious fishing lust and hit the pond Wednesday evening, April 12.

Trout were jumping exuberantly, all over the pond; their circles were everywhere. I brought in our first fellow on my second cast, then another after a few more casts. Then Vic caught his first–16-1/2 inches! It wasn’t his largest ever, but it was his largest here. My third was 13-1/2 inches, my biggest fellow ever. I went on to catch two more 10-1/2 inchers, meeting my five-fish limit. We’re allowed five trout per person per day. Vic caught three more fish, all in the 10-inch range. 13 inches or above is considered a premium fish, and we are permitted two premium trout per person per day. We each caught one.

It was a wonderful hour of fishing. We brought home a total of nine trout, two of them premium size. Their total weight was five pounds six ounces.

The batch of four on the left is Vic’s catch; note the Colossus of Clarkston. The batch of five on the right are my catch.


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