Effie Surveys Effieland in Season

Effie enjoys sitting on the air conditioner viewing the vastness of her holdings, Effieland.



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Effie: Window Gazer and Floor Bath Champion of the World

I want to be out there; I have a morning to greet!

Sunbeams from an adjacent window┬áilluminate Effie’s tummy and toes.


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Halvor on Jackie

Halvor evidently likes my car Jackie as a platform for his afternoon nap–or maybe he’s just bored.


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Effie greets the morning

My husband Vic took this photo of Effie observing the onset of morning from a bookcase with a view.


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Three faces and scarf

I was wearing this scarf in the cold wind yesterday, to a doctor’s appointment and the pharmacy. I find the scarf pretty, and it’s also warm and doesn’t itch. My Mum-in-law made it for me last Christmas. I sent her a note yesterday that I continue to love the scarf, and that it receives compliments every time I wear it. I took this photo so she would know to which scarf I was referring; she has sent me several.

Our expressions: I am taking the selfie, and it is taking a bit of strategy to get the three of us in the frame. Effie’s expression is adorably coy, but she’s a tad squirmy; and Vic is thinking about something funny.


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Other friendlies around the house

My husband is reorganizing his shop, and Halvor loves watching Vic working there. I came in to check on Vic’s progress, and Halvor, who was sitting on a work table next to me, climbed up on my shoulder. I adore Halvor, so I felt very honored, even though he weighs 16-1/2 pounds, which happens to be 16% of my own weight. Oof–but what can I say–Vic, Effie, and I all think he’s terrific.

Deer constantly graze on our lawn. For whatever reason, they prefer the lawn to our field–but they are beautiful and sweet-natured, and we can certainly spare the grasses and weeds they consume. The light wasn’t right for a through-the-window photo, and they distanced themselves from our house when I stepped out on the deck.


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Effie makes the most of laundry time

Effie enjoys napping and relaxing from her busy Effieland rounds, so we recently bought her a cozy rubber-backed rug to keep atop the dryer. The rug doesn’t slip or slide, and she seems to appreciate the softness, warmth, and security. The color blends nicely with her fur, too.

Effie’s dryer-top rug is also a favorite bathing spot.


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