Elections in Washington State

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Vic’s New Fishing Hat

Vic’s Mom sent him the wonderful fishing hat he’s wearing here, our first day out fishing since his birthday. I think it’s dashing. We caught no fish in either the Snake or Clearwater Rivers, but we always love being out fishing, regardless of whether we catch any fish.



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Paladin Among the Flax

Paladin is in full bloom among the flax in Effieland, the garden our cat Effie and Paladin share. The garden is fenced all around with gates and locks. The top is also fenced to repel raptors.


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Jet and Moon

A jet flies beneath a daylight crescent moon. My camera-ready husband took this remarkable photo from our back yard.


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Heavenly View of Snow on the Peaks of Hells Canyon

We always have the hills of Hells Canyon in our viewshed, but the snow on the peaks is so beautiful that I thought it must be shared with my readers.


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Paladin needs his water!

Paladin will not suffer water from bowls until later in the day. He likes his morning water from the kitchen sink’s faucet.


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Paladin and Effie look out the window at the snow from Two Vantages

My husband took this photo of Effie and Paladin with a snowscape out the window for a backdrop.


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We have snow here. . .but it’s manageable

My husband is the snow manager. . .

. . .coming and going.


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Paladin is not drinking coffee!

Paladin is drinking cold water from a well rinsed percolator. He is very adept at these things.


February 9, 2019 · 10:39 am

Touch of fog. . .

This is the viewshed primeval. 

I normally have a view of the hills of Hell’s Canyon. Today I had hoped to go to Walmart, but I called my friend who works there and she assured me that she could not see across the street from her house or across the Walmart parking lot a few rows. My aspiration of new towels was dashed, utterly and for hours, if today at all.


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