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Heavenly View of Snow on the Peaks of Hells Canyon

We always have the hills of Hells Canyon in our viewshed, but the snow on the peaks is so beautiful that I thought it must be shared with my readers.


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Bundled in a Polartec vest, heavy winter coat, winter hat, and somewhat warm gloves sufficiently flexible to allow my hands to operate my camera,  I stepped out onto our deck to photograph the deeply snow-blanketed basalt hills that form the walls of Hells Canyon. The temperature was 20° F, the wind speed 11 mph, for a wind chill factor of 8° F.

Our chilliest wind chill factor so far today was this morning’s 2.9° F. The actual temperature was 20°, and the wind speed was 24 mph.

My British chums would not unlikely call it “brisk.”


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Fishing along Asotin Slough

We fished the Snake River along Asotin Slough in our skiff Companion Star yesterday.  I felt several nibbles on my line, but each nibble seemed to result in the nibbler suddenly recalling a previous engagement.  By mid-day, two nearly foot-long Smallmouth bass had nibbled and opted to come home with us.

My husband took all but the first photo; I took the panorama. We both love the basalt formations of the canyon.









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Close to home: Salmon watching and bass fishing

It is a wonderful thing to be less than 15 minutes from one’s favorite Great Escape and Recreation, and we are so situated, able to be fishing in the Snake River in the midst of Hell’s Canyon, just a quarter hour from home. We fished half the day Monday, Friday evening, and most of today. Chinook salmon were jumping all around us, and I loved seeing them so lively. I honestly had no wish to remove them from their river, and they apparently concurred, though other people caught some of them.

We caught five bass and added them to my husband’s supply of canned fish. He does the canning and the consuming of the fish we catch. I am unable to eat fish of any kind; and for that matter, I lack the strength to heft the canning kettle. But that doesn’t matter. Fishing on the river is my favorite recreational activity: it boosts my strength, health, interface with Creation, and sense of purpose.




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Saturday on the Snake River

The day was sunny at Nisqually John, near Wawawai, a little too hot, especially, evidently, for bass to trouble themselves much with chasing flies or lures around. But a couple of respectable Smallmouth bass decided to come home with us, as did a couple of bass who joined our Canning Club Friday evening near Asotin. Friday had a few too many fast-and-loud party boats for my quiet taste, but Saturday afternoon’s heat thinned the crowd to a level I could live with. It’s all one river, and I love its beauty and its piscine bounty. The basalt formations of Hell’s Canyon and its rock coves make this stretch of Snake River scenery exceptional.

My husband took all the photos here, saving me the trouble of photographing the back of my head. 🙂

2016.08.13 Snake River fishing 1

2016.08.13 Snake River fishing 2

2016.08.13 Snake River fishing 3

2016.08.13 Snake River fishing 4

2016.08.13 Snake River river boat


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