Close to home: Salmon watching and bass fishing

It is a wonderful thing to be less than 15 minutes from one’s favorite Great Escape and Recreation, and we are so situated, able to be fishing in the Snake River in the midst of Hell’s Canyon, just a quarter hour from home. We fished half the day Monday, Friday evening, and most of today. Chinook salmon were jumping all around us, and I loved seeing them so lively. I honestly had no wish to remove them from their river, and they apparently concurred, though other people caught some of them.

We caught five bass and added them to my husband’s supply of canned fish. He does the canning and the consuming of the fish we catch. I am unable to eat fish of any kind; and for that matter, I lack the strength to heft the canning kettle. But that doesn’t matter. Fishing on the river is my favorite recreational activity: it boosts my strength, health, interface with Creation, and sense of purpose.




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