Bundled in a Polartec vest, heavy winter coat, winter hat, and somewhat warm gloves sufficiently flexible to allow my hands to operate my camera,  I stepped out onto our deck to photograph the deeply snow-blanketed basalt hills that form the walls of Hells Canyon. The temperature was 20° F, the wind speed 11 mph, for a wind chill factor of 8° F.

Our chilliest wind chill factor so far today was this morning’s 2.9° F. The actual temperature was 20°, and the wind speed was 24 mph.

My British chums would not unlikely call it “brisk.”


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6 responses to “Brisk

  1. Maybe I should go there? It’s got my name on it?

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    • Ha ha–my pre-coffee brain wasn’t sure what you meant–the snow? Then, as I was grinding my coffee, the um-duh hit: Oh: Hell’s Canyon!

      Please don’t call yourself Hell, Helen–it’s much too oblique for me before I’ve had my coffee!

      But sure, come, if it’s practicable. Right now we’re having blowing snow devils, thanks to a 16 mph wind.


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