Saturday on the Snake River

The day was sunny at Nisqually John, near Wawawai, a little too hot, especially, evidently, for bass to trouble themselves much with chasing flies or lures around. But a couple of respectable Smallmouth bass decided to come home with us, as did a couple of bass who joined our Canning Club Friday evening near Asotin. Friday had a few too many fast-and-loud party boats for my quiet taste, but Saturday afternoon’s heat thinned the crowd to a level I could live with. It’s all one river, and I love its beauty and its piscine bounty. The basalt formations of Hell’s Canyon and its rock coves make this stretch of Snake River scenery exceptional.

My husband took all the photos here, saving me the trouble of photographing the back of my head. πŸ™‚

2016.08.13 Snake River fishing 1

2016.08.13 Snake River fishing 2

2016.08.13 Snake River fishing 3

2016.08.13 Snake River fishing 4

2016.08.13 Snake River river boat


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2 responses to “Saturday on the Snake River

  1. Heidi

    Beautiful and peaceful.


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