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Heavenly View of Snow on the Peaks of Hells Canyon

We always have the hills of Hells Canyon in our viewshed, but the snow on the peaks is so beautiful that I thought it must be shared with my readers.


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A tad more snow

Earlier this morning before the sun had finished rising over the hills, the scene invoked Homer’s “rosy-fingered dawn.” Still pretty, isn’t it?


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Like all creation, snow falls

Snow is falling harder than it was earlier in the day. I can see individual large flakes from at least 50 yards. I wish more beautiful things were as quiet. Are you listening, Effie? Effie is rather a vocal cat, but overall she is good. . . .


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Halvor at the forecastle

Vic found Halvor on Pisca-Dory this morning when he went into the shop to bring Halvor his food. Was it mutiny, or did Halvor make the climb simply because he could?

A heavy snow is falling, assuring us that the solstice doesn’t necessary mean we’ve turned the winter corner. Effie loves wandering in her snowy realm.


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Hail to the Plowman!

Vic had to convert our tractor to its snowplow identity to plow our driveway this morning. It’s hard to tell which–the snow or the plow–Cat Halvor disliked less. In any case, the red tabby is out on an errand.


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The Effielander’s snowy morning

Effie pauses to contemplate the wondrous snow that suddenly came to her dominion while she slept comfortably, as always, indoors.


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Good morning, snow!

Snow fell last night with more determination than it had yesterday afternoon. The seasonal variations of the basalt hills in our viewshed are always striking, and, to quote an old friend, well worth the price of admission.


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Just another snow day in Effieland

p1020595Take heart Effie; it’s a snow day everywhere! There’s snow in the front yard, and even across the street!




p1020597sI like the snow–but where are all the bugs?


p1020598Ah, well. . .I am like the Snow Man in the poem by Wallace Stevens  that my Mom likes, who beholds “Nothing that is not there and the nothing that is.”


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A snowy day’s considerations and frustrations

Very large flakes of dense, gushy, large, wet snow are falling. The falling snow provides a refreshing sight, enabling me to wish we could move to the Galapagos Islands, so that I might become a curator of tortoises, and I could quit reading the news.

As always, there are intervening considerations.




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All things snow

A comforting snow–like a blanket–is falling and rapidly deepening.

p1020539The snow nurtures our dormant aspen.

p1020540The snow encourages camaraderie among our hens.

p1020542A quick stolen kiss on the porch!

p1020541“Where is everything?”
And, the snow revives Effie’s sense of awe and wonder.


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