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A snowy day’s considerations and frustrations

Very large flakes of dense, gushy, large, wet snow are falling. The falling snow provides a refreshing sight, enabling me to wish we could move to the Galapagos Islands, so that I might become a curator of tortoises, and I could quit reading the news.

As always, there are intervening considerations.




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Rain. . .and some of us are not exactly deluged with inspiration

Rain fell all night and rain has fallen all day; this is a good thing for wheat farmers, and crops and gardens in general. I prefer to skip the mud and wet glory and I am glad that nothing compels me to go out.

Effie, girl cat after my own heart, persuaded me this morning to take a quick tour around the garden in the fairly hard falling rain.  Of course I was happy to comply.  After five minutes she strained against her fully extended lead and pulled me along as she headed back for the door. My kind of Cat, precisely.

She is presently in the process of undertaking a serious nap, her feline frame curled in the chair my husband favors when he is home. Inspired by her ability to seize any possible set of circumstances and transform them into manifest inspiration–such as a nap–I photographed the greenness and rain-muted shades of blue and brown through a window; and, of course, of Effie’s inspired napping.




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Solomon collected tribute of 666 talents of gold a year (2 Chronicles 9:13); his raiment was less glorious than a lily of the field (Matthew 6:29). But the big pregunta is, did anyone ever send him flowers?

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often asked and always answered

If I am my Creator’s image bearer,
what then the lilting sweet pea’s furl, so much fairer?
— lsb

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