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The deer ones return

                                   Five for brunch is a cinch in our neck of the prairie.

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A tad more snow

Earlier this morning before the sun had finished rising over the hills, the scene invoked Homer’s “rosy-fingered dawn.” Still pretty, isn’t it?


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Good morning, snow!

Snow fell last night with more determination than it had yesterday afternoon. The seasonal variations of the basalt hills in our viewshed are always striking, and, to quote an old friend, well worth the price of admission.


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Ides of March

It’s cold. The tall, athletic, sullen boy, smoking, wears a hat and mittens at the school bus stop. Well, after all, we are still short of technical calendar Spring. And at least green — the most intense, saturated, green — fields of sprouted wheat grace the hills under the pale aluminum-grey sky. Happiness is a croaking pheasant, and joy is a quail family of eight, still together.

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