Halvor at the forecastle

Vic found Halvor on Pisca-Dory this morning when he went into the shop to bring Halvor his food. Was it mutiny, or did Halvor make the climb simply because he could?

A heavy snow is falling, assuring us that the solstice doesn’t necessary mean we’ve turned the winter corner. Effie loves wandering in her snowy realm.


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9 responses to “Halvor at the forecastle

  1. Both kitties are in fine form today with Halvor King of the Boat and Effie Queen of Effieland!

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  2. Cino has had a fascination with the new refrigerator. She’s been climbing on top of it and then meowing at the top of her lungs as if to say “I’m King Of The World!”. πŸ™‚

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  3. Jane

    Another perfect (purrfect) shot!

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  4. Heidi

    He wants to go to sea. He has decided.

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