A snowy day’s considerations and frustrations

Very large flakes of dense, gushy, large, wet snow are falling. The falling snow provides a refreshing sight, enabling me to wish we could move to the Galapagos Islands, so that I might become a curator of tortoises, and I could quit reading the news.

As always, there are intervening considerations.





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3 responses to “A snowy day’s considerations and frustrations

  1. I figured your Galapagos dream was fantasy.. it looks like you are in the best place for you! Enjoy. 🙂

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  2. Yes, it’s about this time of year winter becomes almost unbearable and a trip to sunshine is in order! But the Galapagos Islands is quite far away. Perhaps there is something closer? But I love the idea of a news fast.. quite doable! 🙂


    • The winter is beautiful, and not so cold–I spent 12 years in Montana, so I have a referent for cold. . . 🙂 The Galapagos fantasy is a one-way gig, but alas, they won’t let anyone move there anymore, so it’s a phantom fantasy. Besides, my husband loves his work here. We get more than enough sunshine in the summer and fall west of the Cascades. You might find this strange, but we don’t honestly enjoy taking vacations. We like day trips, being home, and fishing; and we’re able to fish five minutes to an hour or so from home.


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