Touch of fog. . .

This is the viewshed primeval. 

I normally have a view of the hills of Hell’s Canyon. Today I had hoped to go to Walmart, but I called my friend who works there and she assured me that she could not see across the street from her house or across the Walmart parking lot a few rows. My aspiration of new towels was dashed, utterly and for hours, if today at all.


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9 responses to “Touch of fog. . .

  1. Having already heard from my friend in Texas, you Yanks keep rubbing it in! It’s summer down here in OZ. I’m melting………Cheers,H

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  2. Could you have posted a picture of the towels, Lauren?


    • They’re pretty basic, Harini–light turquoise with an embroidered silver-color anchor at the bottom. Just normal towels in a pleasant color. . .I don’t usually post photos of things in our bathrooms. But come see us! 🤗

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  3. Thank you, Ellen, but I like today’s!


  4. 15andmeowing

    Great shot. There is always tomorrow for towels. 🙂

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