Contentedness Defined

Paladin naps with his favorite catnip-filled toys. His serenity is remarkable. My husband calls it “Contentedness defined,” and hence an appropriate flamboyant title, which does not disturb Paladin in the least.



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9 responses to “Contentedness Defined

  1. He sleeps in a lot of places, all over the house–the bed, rugs, his window perch, living room chairs. . .


  2. As Winter intensifies, I am certain Paladin is enjoying himself in the corner in his warm bed even now in February! He looks content all right!

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  3. awe! That photo is simply amazing. 😀

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  4. He looks so happy, comfortable and cozy! 🙂

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  5. Heaven for cats! Cheers,H


  6. 15andmeowing

    It is nice to see Paladin so content. I am glad he has his forever home.

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