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Paladin Among the Flax

Paladin is in full bloom among the flax in Effieland, the garden our cat Effie and Paladin share. The garden is fenced all around with gates and locks. The top is also fenced to repel raptors.



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Second Breakfast (They’re Baaack. . .)

Paladin came for breakfast at 5:30 this morning, as he usually does. Torvald showed up as Paladin was finishing and ate a bit of his chum’s leftovers. When both had their fill, they stretched, received lots of petting, and departed. They returned together around 8:30 and I gave them each another bowl of kibbles. At one point, Torvald moved away from his bowl and sat up, watching Paladin eat, and then they resumed consuming their second breakfasts, as Effie observed them from indoors, where it was much warmer than the 18° on the patio.


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