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Before the launch, the sun steals the show

The sun was amazingly bright over the Snake (Washington side) and Clearwater (Idaho side) Rivers as we prepared to launch our quest for Moby Bass. I caught a couple of junior bass and released them so they could grow a bit. Vic caught a 10-1/2 incher, our only keeper of the hot, pleasant outing.


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In lines of dazzling sky. . .”


“Moving athwart the evening sky, Seem’d forms of giant height: Their armour, as it caught the rays, Flash’d back again the western blaze, In lines of dazzling sky. . .” –from Sir Walter Scott: Marmion, 1808

When I took this photo this evening, somehow I knew Marmion would provide the caption.


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Moonshine over 101° Earth. . .


And it’s 117° in our uninsulated shed. . .but a lovely evening, all in all; and that helps me to stop wondering obsessively when the Supreme Court will begin issuing new rules for public pools.

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