Paladin: At the brink for a drink

Paladin prefers faucets to bowls when it comes to drinking water.





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13 responses to “Paladin: At the brink for a drink

  1. What a beautiful sight! Paladin is good, good-looking and clever!

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  2. Oh yay! Saw him in the act.

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  3. That’s clever! I wish I could see the picture too, but have to wait till I have better internet.


    • What a bummer, Harini! Is that the case only with internet blogging? Could you see a photo if I emailed it to you? He really is so cute! If you can see an email photo, let me know and I’ll send it right out. –Lauren


  4. Heidi

    Now I am thirsty …


    • Have a drink of fresh water from the faucet, though it might demonstrate slipped human socialization. I’m not sure why a vessel that will require washing after drinking from it has any advantages.


  5. Effie has taught him a little too well? Your fur-kids would not survive at my house. It’s bowls of water here. Clean ones every day but still. Cheers,H


  6. 15andmeowing

    Good idea. Nice to see you cutie πŸ™‚

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