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Where cats go in the rain

Rain is falling, hard.

Effie has a way of napping in her chair, through rain and almost everything else.

Paladin seeks cover under the bed.


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Avenging clouds follow a brief rain

Sunshine returned in the north sky after a brief light rain, while to the south, clouds darkened as they surrounded the sun.

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It rained all day. . .

Rain fell all day long, and long the day seemed. It’s looking like it’s going to be green. . . .


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Effie greets the welcome rain

The rain is beautiful, I suppose largely because it was so long awaited. Effie put up quite the Royal Fuss to enjoy its delightful wetness on her fur, and to show me the wonderful mud she will present when her toes step back indoors and onto the polished wood floors. (I honestly can’t remember right now what sort of wood they are, but they are fairly resilient.)

The fires are out, at least for now, and the grey sky bears rain instead of smoke. The soil is well soaked, and the autumn rain has taken up its annual needed and prayed-for roles, one of which is Effie’s happiness.

Effie rockets off into Effieland after some extensive pining.


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From Zechariah, on God’s provision for rain and grasses

The temperature rather suddenly skipped the 90s today; in fact, it’s 55°. Rain is falling very hard, and the field grasses and the rain look very beautiful. Providentially, I was reading Zechariah as the summer storm materialized. I went outside during a very brief respite in the rainfall and took these photos. How comforting to see the same provision God has given His people for the same needs, over the past 2,500+ recorded years.

Ask the Lord for rain
In the time of the latter rain.
The Lord will make flashing clouds;
He will give them showers of rain,
Grass in the field for everyone. 
–Zechariah 10:1 (NKJV)





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After the rain

Clean, cool, and cloudy is the day. Effie was dreadfully fretful until we went outdoors. Undaunted by wet ground and mud, she reasserted her dominion in the garden. Neighbor Halvor stopped by, and remained peaceably outside the fence–and the co-dominants observed their treaty with aplomb.

queen is backThe queen has returned and reasserts her dominion.

grapeA grapevine thrives.

poppiesPoppies proliferate and grow taller.

ryeSky-high-aspiring volunteer rye

HalvorNeighbor Halvor stops by; he and Effie observe proper treaty provisions. I adore Halvor because he is soft-spoken and sweet with my husband and me, and because his belly looks like a harvest moon.

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Rain. . .and some of us are not exactly deluged with inspiration

Rain fell all night and rain has fallen all day; this is a good thing for wheat farmers, and crops and gardens in general. I prefer to skip the mud and wet glory and I am glad that nothing compels me to go out.

Effie, girl cat after my own heart, persuaded me this morning to take a quick tour around the garden in the fairly hard falling rain.  Of course I was happy to comply.  After five minutes she strained against her fully extended lead and pulled me along as she headed back for the door. My kind of Cat, precisely.

She is presently in the process of undertaking a serious nap, her feline frame curled in the chair my husband favors when he is home. Inspired by her ability to seize any possible set of circumstances and transform them into manifest inspiration–such as a nap–I photographed the greenness and rain-muted shades of blue and brown through a window; and, of course, of Effie’s inspired napping.




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We have Rain!


The fires are in retreat. Rain is surely the best provision God has given to bless the earth, since the dove’s return to Noah with an olive leaf.

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Warm rain

Warm rain splashes, plings,
motors chariot speed, marking
its season across my roof;

my mind trips over an ancient
rut of wonder, questioning:

Did loin-girt Elijah
outrun Ahab’s chariot
in such a rain as this?

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