I’m dreaming of a grey Christmas. . .

I’m dreaming of a grey Christmas. . .

A grey and cloudy vista can be morale boosting or demoralizing. Personally I have no real preference. I like clouds. I can’t imagine a bright sunny Christmas day in the northwestern prairie where I live.


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12 responses to “I’m dreaming of a grey Christmas. . .

  1. I wonder how many shades of grey we have in Washington?

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  2. That looks so serene! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, Lauren!

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    • Greetings, Harini! I was wondering whether Christmas existed in India. Sales seem to mean more than the Christian holiday here. We’ve had rain, sleet, and a dusting of snow, but then we are 1,300 feet above sea level. Good to hear from you!


  3. 15andmeowing

    Merry Christmas! I hope Santa was good to the kitties.

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  4. I could work with that. I will try to share a photo of our summer Christmas in Australia. Very different. Cheers,H

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  5. Marvelous picture! Gray skies are beautiful, too! Merry Christmas Lauren, to you and your family and kitties!

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    • Thank you, and Merry Christmas, Leah, to you and your husband and your shimmering black cat(s?). I wish you the healthiest New Year, too! I am praying for your health to return or at least to submit to management.
      ❤ Lauren

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      • I didn’t get a chance to answer last night, we only have one cat now. I miss the days when we had a group of kitties, they are so much fun together. For the time being, we think it’s best we stick with one. (The calico on the banner is a friend’s cat, I felt the page needed some brightening.)

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