Effie and Hormisdas: Are They Courting?

I sensed Effie’s need for a friend, and approached Heidi with the idea that perhaps her Hormisdas and Effie could be friends. The time-space issues would probably mean little to them. Heidi and I live 1,843.2 miles apart. We have sustained an abiding bond for 10 years. We have never met in person, and neither of us has the gumption to travel.

Effie is very lively, while Hormisdas is actually quite stuffy. He lives with an equally stuffy snow leopard named R. Aloysius. Heidi and I believe that kinetic Effie and stuffy Hormisdas–and perhaps R. Aloysius as well–might develop long-distance amity toward one another. Heidi and I and our husbands have all been very good friends for a decade. Of course we would be thrilled if “the kids” reached across space as well.

P1010957Effie is an explorer of everything in her world.


IMG_20160203_114736Hormisdas surveys his world from the vantage of his majestic living room.

P1010958Effie likes jungle environments.

IMG_20160526_102749_956 (3) RAlyHormisdas likes beds. Here he helps R. Aloysius find his lost tie tack.


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13 responses to “Effie and Hormisdas: Are They Courting?

  1. Heidi

    Hormisdas ends every sentence with a blessing. He is a very benevolent animal. If he sneezes, he says, ‘Bless You’. Effie would be very blessed. Effie could join snow fairy in his heart because of the charming grace with which she bats at bugs with soft paws and flies from the top of the fridge to the top of the cupboard. He is a devoted animal and will definitely love for at least ten years. He’s so delighted to be on the internet with such a lithe creature.


    • Heidi

      PS. One of the things that especially engages his awe in the female is *activity*. He keeps rewatching the video of Effie jumping around the kitchen. (They say opposites attract.)


      • Effie adores admiration.

        But they also say, “Likes stay together.”


        • Heidi

          It’s true — in this case they would mostly need to stay apart together or something. Thinking about it a little more, I suspect Hormisdas would bless a bug if it crawled on him. He blessed the crackers before he hid them in the chair for later … But he is very good at admiring nimbler creatures.


        • I think Effie would adore him, even with their distinctive characters; and, I suspect she would want to curl up on his nose, too. ^ 🙂 ^

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    • He could be just the perfect mentor to inspire and nourish a seed of altruism in her heart.

      I don’t know how he’ll take it, but she ultimately catches those bugs in her claws, crunches them dead, and consumes them.


  2. samanthamurdochblog

    To be honest, I thought he looked quite phlegmatic and perhaps a little dull for the bright and beautiful Effie…I mean, he doesn’t look like he’d share her interests at all, for example, catching bugs…


  3. samanthamurdochblog

    I hope you’ve warned Effie about the difficulties involved in a long distance relationship…!


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