Fishing is about Fish

Saturday chores accomplished, my husband and I decided to go fishing in the Snake River beyond Asotin. We wanted to stand on a beach this time, instead of taking our boat. The fish were not biting, but a few jumped up from the water so we could know they were there, but they had no interest in coming home with us. We’ve had lots of fishing excursions like this, and we also have lots of freezer space occupied by cleaned, wrapped fish we’ve caught on several other occasions.

My husband loves fishing and fish. I love fishing and I am extremely allergic to fish and I never eat it. Fish are wonderful creatures. They can be beautiful, elusive, and eager to grab onto a lure, all within a few minutes or a full day. Sometimes I think I’m just there for the scenery. We can’t rule a fish’s instincts or choices; only fish can do that. We’re really just along for the ride. Fish have amazing skills we know nothing about.



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14 responses to “Fishing is about Fish

  1. Thank you for your heartfelt comment, jrossimi. I suspect you also have a passion for fishing. >>><Β°


    • jrossimi6

      Good Morning Lauren.. You are very welcome.
      Yes, I am very passionate about Fishing, and here in this Sunburnt Country of Australia ,we take pride in some spectacular locations.
      When visiting Jervis Bay on the New South Wales coastline there is always a good chance of catching some large snapper, and kingfish.
      When fishing from the beach, Salmon is occasionally on the menu.

      When sourcing out a different location, You can’t go past the picturesque Snowy Mountains where you can fish for Rainbow or Brown Trout..
      Truly spectacular.

      Welcome your replies anytime. My new website is, where you can read some of my blogs, Kindest Regards, Al…….

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    • Most definitely Lauren.I live, Love, and dream fishing…, Irespective of the type, my passion burns for the sport.
      Talk soon, Al….

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  2. jrossimi6

    Enjoyed reading your heartfelt story

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  3. FeatherToFloat

    Fish are very clever, the joy of fishing and learning it’s craft. Lovely written πŸ‘

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  4. Admit it, you just enjoy the tranquility? Cheers,H


  5. There really is something mysterious about fish!

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  6. 15andmeowing

    Even if you didn’t catch anything, It is nice to be out in nature.

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