Effie’s energy and the good life

Late morning greetings from my house to yours,

The air is warming; the mercury calls 32.5° F, and a less mighty wind howls at a relatively pokey 9.8 mph. It all makes for a modest wind chill factor of 24.4. We haven’t lost power during the recent weather changes; that has been a lavish blessing. Effie is doing well at entertaining herself indoors. When I’m occupied with things that don’t enable me to toss catnip mouses for her—or even her catnip turtle, who wings through the air like a little flying saucer with a small smiling head, flippers, and a tail—she bats her prey into the air, catches it in her teeth, lies on her back clutching it in her claws, and shreds it to death with all four paws in comical motion. Then she takes a nap.

Effie’s energy is absolute proof positive that life is good.


Sight, smell and taste are critical in assessing even the most familiar things. . .



We may become so excited with something that we lose track of it entirely. . .



But once we recover it, we’re fully engaged again.


p1020455 I do not need a nap! I’m not really tired!



No told-you-so’s, please, okay?



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2 responses to “Effie’s energy and the good life

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  2. Greetings back to you and your household. Happy that temperatures are warming up… just in time for winter to start this week! I love to see Effie enjoying life even when confined… a good lesson to us all! 🙂 Susanne

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