Effie in Camo

effie-in-camoI love the expression on Effie’s face, but my camera’s flash was being obnoxious, bouncing around off of everything in the room. I turned it off, then on, and it seemed to make no difference, always leaving me with an overexposed image. I used my photo editor and my husband added a bit of photoshopping, then I increased the contrast some more. And here she is: Effie, beautiful in sepia!


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2 responses to “Effie in Camo

  1. Omg. I’m spending Christmas at home with my Ma and youngest sister and their 2 fur-kids. In that light Effie looks distantly related to the fur-kids here. Both ginger boys. Brothers.

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    • Good looks get around! I wish you a happy, wonderful Christmas, Helen! I know you’ve had “kind of a year,” and I pray for an easier going new one. Our best to you and Jamima and your and her visitors, too. ❤ ^-.-^


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