Effie: I wanna go out, but not the out that’s cold. . .


It was 3° F when we got up around 5:45 this morning. Effie lost all interest in going out, though she had campaigned very hard and loudly for the venture. By the time it was 8°, she was ready to meet the invigorating day. She did not wish to remain long in its company. She repeated the sequence throughout the morning, even demanding to be let back inside after three or four minutes when the mercury had ascended to reach a temperate 12°.

It’s unlikely to get much warmer today; I’m braced for an afternoon of door duty.


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4 responses to “Effie: I wanna go out, but not the out that’s cold. . .

  1. Does she repeat this behaviour all winter? I’ve even been known to stand at the back door, open it dispite the hit of cool that hits Jamimas face and try to convince her how little she will enjoy it. Luckily she will mostly change her mind……..smart cat!


    • Effie puts her head out and returns to the warm side when it’s really cold. But, yes, she tends to repeat her actions until the world changes in her favor. Don’t most of us?

      It was O.2°F this morning. We knew we couldn’t change that, but now it’s 3.7°!


  2. pilch92

    Silly kitty, stay inside where it is warm.


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