Twin suns

These sunflowers came to bloom the same day in Effieland, and have remained hale and blooming for about a week. We will harvest their seeds; they are a significant protein source in my meatless diet. In the meantime, we will enjoy their beauty and the incredible vibrancy  of their golden blooms.



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9 responses to “Twin suns

  1. Beautiful blue skies! Where are those fur-kids? Cheers,H


  2. Wow! They are beautiful, Lauren!

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    • Thank you, Harini! I love them too. They are so beautuful to have around. They last about three weeks, but more come behind them. The seeds are one of my mainstays, too. 🌻 🌻


  3. How do you keep the squirrels and birds away long enough to harvest the seeds? Ours never make it to maturity

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  4. Thank you Ellen. 🌻


  5. 15andmeowing

    Very pretty.

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