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Twin suns

These sunflowers came to bloom the same day in Effieland, and have remained hale and blooming for about a week. We will harvest their seeds; they are a significant protein source in my meatless diet. In the meantime, we will enjoy their beauty and the incredible vibrancy  of their golden blooms.



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First sunflower of the season

It’s a little spooky photographing a sunflower, because bees are fans too. I managed this portrait and a couple of others. The bees hummed, but I was not stung.


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Westerly greetings

These sunflowers beam their cheery golden brightness into a west-facing window.


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Sunflowers and shade

I was intrigued with our tall sunflowers silhouetted behind our Roman shade, as the sun set behind them.


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Gold on bronze

Looking out the window, I noticed two goldfinches perched on our bronze sunflowers. My husband’s camera has more competent telephoto capability than mine, and he took these shots through a window without a flash.


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Vibrantly sunny flowers for a vibrantly sunny day

Sunflowers seem to invoke cheer, the way roses appeal to our sentimentality.


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Anticipating a sunflower

For the several years my husband has planted sunflower seeds in the spring, they have come up tall and strong by the onset of summer in all their Sunflower Yellow glory. Ours are now forming flowers in their still-green stage. Their stalks are straight, tall, strong, and prickly.

I was trying to recall who wrote a poem with a refrain, “And I am waiting for the rebirth of wonder,” and came up with Lawrence Ferlinghetti, in whose poetry I lost interest while I was still in high school. I Googled the quote anyway, and it seems lots of people have used it, and it wasn’t expressly clear whether Ferlinghetti was the first.

Whoever wrote this line, it enters my mind when I await the bloom of sunflowers, and other wondrous and beautiful bounties with which our Creator blesses us, for nothing we have done.

A sunflower begins its complex process of blooming: it will undergo   metamorphoses from verdant to gold, and prickles to petals.
“I am waiting for the rebirth of wonder.”

Another fitting line: “Death is the mother of beauty.” (from Wallace Stevens’s poem, Sunday Morning).


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Brazen, but not a hussy

P1020104 This is the only brazen sunflower in all Effieland.



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And here’s the beautiful promise fulfilled

P1020061I’ve been at my Tuesday task of wiping down all interior windows (they tend to attract the most adorable feline noses and toes). From one of the windows I saw that our sunflower had bloomed and ran outside to take its photo while the bloom was in full sunlight. I aspire to finish the windows and upholstery cleaning before the temperature hits 104°–yesterday’s high in Effieland. . . .

God’s mercies are new every morning, and the beauty of His Creation is one of those!


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Coming Soon to Effieland–a Sunny Attraction

P1020060Our garden, known as Effieland, is planted with two dense rows of sunflowers. My husband planted them a few years back because we love sunflowers, and they grow here. The harbinger of the troop is on the way.


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