Trout fishing with pelicans

The pelicans are a beautiful sight on the pond. We don’t consider them competitors, and I suspect they don’t think of us at all. My husband took this photo.

My husband and I headed for the pond immediately after dinner last night to fish for trout. Rain was falling, but trout were leaping, and six came home in our ice chest. I caught five, the legal limit, 9-1/2″ – 11-1/2″, and my husband caught one. I was able to fish more continually because he unhooked the fish I caught and did the gutting and bagging, enabling me to keep casting, and, miraculously, catching and landing. We caught our six trout in just over an hour, and returned home wet, chilled, and triumphant.


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5 responses to “Trout fishing with pelicans

  1. 15andmeowing

    You get a lot of trout.

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    • The limit is 5 and Friday I caught my limit, 5. Sometimes I do, and sometimes I catch none, or one. I just like fishing! My husband eats all the fish we both catch. He does the canning or grilling, and all of the eating. The fish we catch can last a year. We can’t fish year round. Once it gets cold we have to hang up our rods till April. °🐟


  2. chrisscatmeow

    Gosh I have never seen real Pelicans before. Is that fish in their beaks? I know you can’t eat fish but what a great catch. Trout is so expensive to buy here I would only buy it as a treat. x

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