100° in Effieland

Effielanders Effie and Paladin refuse to leave their grounds and come into the house when it’s a mere hundred degrees outside and their water drippers are providing only very warm water. Paladin naps, and Effie walks around drinking warm water. They seem not to mind in the least.

Effie finds a bit of shade in some grass, intermittently drinking warm water without flinching.

Paladin rests in a small patch of grassy shade by a pot of fresh growing catnip. He’s not punch-drunk; the sun’s in his eyes.



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6 responses to “100° in Effieland

  1. chrisscatmeow

    Wow to hot for us in Scotland although we wouldn’t mind living our lives like Paladin and Effie. An Effieland …..super great…. love your photos. Hugs and Purrs.

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  2. Cats are weird! Happy days! Cheers,H

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  3. 15andmeowing

    That is too hot 😦 We had 78 degrees and I thought it was too hot.

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    • This is the prairie, and it can become very hot (117° last year) and very cold (usually not much below zero). We humans are not in charge of the weather. If we don’t like it we can relocate. I would not consider 78° too hot. Humidity has a lot to do with temperature tolerance, and we have a semi-arid climate. We all have our own adaptation limits.

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