Effie Laplander

Effie finds my husband’s lap a better landing place, but right now, I’m home and he isn’t, and it’s raining, and Effie wants a lap and I am elated to oblige her.


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18 responses to “Effie Laplander

  1. Effie KNOWS she’s adorable, LeeAnn, but she really appreciates your acknowledgment! ❀🐾😽


  2. Those things don’t often happen at our house, Helen. We don’t have a door bell and people seldom come knocking uninvited. I keep my phone with me and it seldom rings. Only friends, family, doctors, and businesses I deal with have ringtones; silence is the default for others. I look at the number and decide whether or not to answer. I Google unfamiliar numbers and most are pests selling something. I block those or assign silent ringtones to them. See how easy serenity can be?


  3. Then the phone rings. Or the doorbell. Or something. Totally worth it! Cheers,H


  4. 15andmeowing

    That is a great photo.

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    • Thank you, Ellen! You would understand it can be tricky, making a cat comfortable on your lap while you have to reach unnaturally far to get you and the cat framed in a selfie with a flat smartphone and push the little spot on the flat glass surface! πŸ€—πŸ˜Ή


  5. Jane

    Awww…so cute! Maybe if I show it to my furry purry she will turn into a lap cat, too!

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  6. As with us; we don’t have the “Mom always liked you best” thing at our house, either. Cats really do make up their own minds. And change them. 😹

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  7. Charming picture, Lauren! We have a similar situation with Ultraviolet, she prefers to sit with my husband. Other cats have preferred me and it’s all cool.

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  8. You think so? She was actually assessing the spectrum analysis. In due time she regrouped and reclaimed her own chair. She’ll probably soon switch to yours. 😽❀


  9. Vic

    For some reason it looks like you are both ready for launch.

    Effie is monitoring the attitude indicator.

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  10. With Effie, Vic’s lap has been a morning ritual, while mine has been an acquired taste. . .

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  11. Enjoy! Fortunately our Benji is not a respecter of laps and obliges both Bob and me with his presence thus. Tiger on the other hand is lap averse! πŸ˜‰

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  12. Heidi

    You are every bit as beautiful as Effie, and so delightful to see, my lovely friend.

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