At the Front: Coolidge and the Great Glucose-Thyroxine Wars

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the Chronicles with a snapshot of how Coolidge (and his keepers) are faring as his diabetes and hyperthyroid conditions battle not only against my poor cat’s well-being, but appear to be engaged in a struggle for supremacy over his endocrine system. I suppose it could be compared to wars between nations. One side tries to wipe out another, never considering the disadvantage of mutual annihilation.

Coo’s thyroid came down to a glowing normal 3.3, using locally compounded methimazole transdermal formula I smear in his ear twice daily. My delirious joy was not durable. His glucose revived a trend we had believed defeated. He launched a new high-wire act. He was again capable of 12-hour glucose swings from 52 to 420. You can’t treat this sort of thing with any predictability. You stay the course. You email your vet a quick “any ideas?” with means and ranges. You are thrilled with relief to learn that a normalizing thyroid can up-end glucose values in a diabetic cat, that you are doing everything possible, and even to reduce the insulin a bit when he needs it, even when the number on the meter is huge and terrible (HAT). Sometimes Coolidge’s glucose is too low to give him any insulin. That almost always leads to a HAT number at the next check point. I don’t treat that number. I treat the condition. Eventually his numbers begin again to hover around his average. But my cat is not average.

I am thankful my vet has access to top-line experts at the College of Veterinary Medicine at WSU, and that she will confer with them when Coolidge throws an implacable turn.

He is a Cat, I need to remember, and Cats will duck predictability, dodge rules, and be quite cavalier toward your sleep rhythms, even if they have food, water, and everything they need, but simply feel like broadcasting at 1:28 AM, and again at 4:10 AM, in a nerve-frazzling yowl at 141 db. . .which, ultimately, must be what we adore about them.


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One response to “At the Front: Coolidge and the Great Glucose-Thyroxine Wars

  1. Lisa

    Coolidge is the luckiest of cats, and you are the fiercest of cat moms!


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